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We are a group dedicated for fellow deviants to put their poems and songs up for the community to help on. Submit any song or poem and we'll most likely accept it!
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Sep 29, 2011


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If I Had Gotten Her Name...
A walk on the greenbelt
on a cold winter day, is anything
anything but enjoyable.
As my dirty mitten gloves
do there best to trudge with me on my quick walk
with my old, mucky, loveable Spaniel
I look at my shoes
my shoes, with more holes then I can count
countless holes
and as I slowly look higher, to my faded jeans
and an oversized hoodie, quickly thrown on.
I gaze up and look ahead, and see a dog.
Another dog not my own.
Smaller, very much so
on a pink leash, a very nice pink leash.
Nicer then my shoes.
As I gaze on my rope leash, and back at the mysterious walker.
I gaze at her for the first time.
and my over sized hoodie seems distant.
My faded jeans, and rope leash
my swiss-cheese shoes
it all leaves my mind.
The cold, the weather, the day, my own dog
its all gone, and distant.
And I focus on the first thing I see, which is this mystery girl.
It feels like so long ago talking about it, but time is abstract
and in this instant, non existant.
Her hair done with a nice brai
:icon2nd41st:2nd41st 1 3
Durango 95
You can ask me where we're going,
And I swear I'll never tell.
We're driving down this long road,
Its one that I know so well.
The world behind is growing hazy.
And I don't know when we're through.
I promised that I will drive you crazy,
So you'd better enjoy the view.
You say I'm driving too fast,
You say that I should slow down.
Who knows if we're gonna crash,
or if we'll make it into town.
But suddenly the worry's gone
You can feel the engine's vibe.
You tell me now to floor on,
In my Durango Ninety-five!
They told me that I'm crazy!
They told me they could save me!
Crazy is what i am.
They'll try to take it from me!
My insanity and money!
I viddy their little scam.
My noga is hard on the petal,
Me right rooker is firm on your lap.
As soon as those lights start a-flashing.
Something in us starts to snap.
Suddenly we're living on the fast lane.
Like Miller's Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue.
And the Rozz behind us is our Billy Mac.
But me and my baby know
:icontheendomega:THEendOmega 1 2
Goodbye, October Skies
Goodbye October skies
See how the lights in the window dies
See how the fall melts in the cold
See how the laughter's getting old
Wave at ashes in the breeze,
Praying away your disease
Rust and decay is all I see,
Drowning in your misery
Words to break the lock of fifteen minutes of the same old silence,
Enough time to finally accept the fact that words won't change a thing.
Fifteen minutes turns to hours, hours turn to days
Summer passes, spring gets trampled by the autumn rains.
Goodbye October skies
See how the snow on the dead grass lies
See how my trust froze in the cold?
See how my hope is losing hold
You tear the wall down, curse the sunlight, curse the times of change,
Seasons turn to years which turn to lifetimes in the rays of summer
Summer passes, spring gets trampled by the autumn rains,
Leaves dyed blood red, too much bloodshed, too many bursts of flame.
:iconbelieve-in-daydreams:believe-in-daydreams 6 9
My Angel
It came too quick,
this saddness, this pain
Pressure built so high,
no longer to contain
The mind dulls,
the heart hardens
All this emptiness,
the soul has darkened
Life felt wrong,
nothing felt right
Too much blackness,
no will left to fight
It felt like the end,
everything disappears
And then, a glow,
new light appears
So bright at first,
but the body thirsts
A form known,
yet also unknown
How can this be?
A new life in me!
What is this light,
that illuminates night?
Light has hair,
so golden it shines
Eyes like jewels,
that stare into mine
Skin so warm,
that heats the cold
Lips so soft, so touching,
so bold
What is this being,
infront of me?
Darkness fades,
the light beckoning
I take its hand,
it grasps my own
We stand together,
no longer alone
Now I know,
light's true form
Emptiness is gone
All of me is warm
Together we stand,
hand in hand
My fingers are tangled,
with my beloved angel's
:iconmidnightcreature:MidnightCreature 2 2
Mature content
The Savage Souls :iconsecretpoet17:SecretPoet17 4 3
Devils' Love Child
I lurk inside the darkness and always sense the heat,
I am the devils' love child; I move on quick ember feet.
I know all things; some good some bad, and I know what's in your head.
I am the one who plants the fear of what is lurking under your bed.
I wait behind the shadows, I divulge your secrets ever so slight.
I am the devils' love child; I come for you at night.
I tell your secrets to the world; I make you lose you mind.
I draw you towards me with bribe of gold; I want to make you mine.
I do not gloat or boast or brag; though all these things I've learned.
I am the devils' love child; I only want your soul, slighty overturned.
I want so many things in life; these thing that I must have.
I cannot go on without this holy strife, lest I may soon go mad.
I am the devils' love child,
Let me sing this song.
I am the devils' love child,
So much I have done wrong.
I am the devils' love child,
And I wish God could see,
Though I may be the devils' love child
I need Him to set me free.
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 6 18
For Him
There was a man
His eyes were blue
His face was wan
Like he was not new,
His jaw was set,
His body locked
Told not to fret
His tears were blocked.
His mind, it raged
His heart was torn,
His emotions splayed
His smile worn.
There was a girl
Her name was Lace.
Her skirt, it twirled,
But her face was traced
Her eyes were gold,
Like honey and dew
She was never cold,
But away she flew;
Her hands were soft,
Her hair shone,
Her mind aloft
She should have known.
Now the man, he
Walks alone
Along the street,
His voice a moan
Of silent scorn
What is he?
To them, forsworn
No one to hold, she
Despises him,
And he can't believe,
He even tried -- dim
Went his eyes: aggrieved.
Lace, she skips
Through the rain,
And the tips of
Her dress attain
The dirt, but she cares not,
For she's alone -- for once,
Away from their knot:
Admirers, no silence,
None of them
Are right -- never
Her eyes like gems,
After each left feather.
The man crosses town,
The windows dark,
The clouds a gown
Over the sun, the park,
:iconroadfullofpromise:roadfullofpromise 10 13
Beetle Bay
I traced my steps back; was no other way
For me to take back the words of what I said on that cold day.
I stepped into the water and welcomed its cool embrace,
and I knew this was the only way I'd ever see your face.
The water held its' secrets and I'm the only one who knew;
I knew the honest reason why this water isn't blue.
It's not just some illusion, some flaw of land and sky,
No this water is not blue because it sucked away your life.
It then took you from me in a swift, gaspless breath,
And now my soul is vying for your tender soft caress.
But no longer can I grasp onto it, nor can I even think,
For the water started drowning me before I began to sink.
I have gone; I've lost my mind, but of this I am sure,
I've gone and lost my heart into the depths of this dark moor.
And though I lost my love on that sad and lonely day,
I can never leave her; it's why I stay; Forever trapped in forgotten Beetle Bay.
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 6 4
She makes me laugh;
She makes me smile.
Can't she stay with me
Just for a while?
I don't have much
In terms of wealth.
I'm not even sure
About my own health.
I don't want much in life
I opt for simple taste
I like to live slow;
Others rush in haste
But love is far away
A goal I won't ever see
My happiness is an illusion;
A reality that will never be.
I tell her we'll stay friends
That I won't ask for more.
The truth is I'm lying;
For she's the one I adore.
Yet I won't tell her;
I won't ever reveal
The workings of my heart
And how I really feel.
So here's to the one
Who's stolen my heart.
I won't ever forget you
Even if we're miles apart.
All I can wish right now
Is that you find true love.
May life smile upon you always
And light your path from above.
Good night, my darling
Good night, my sweet.
Till the next lifetime
When again we meet.
:icontekslider:tekslider 2 9
My Old Friend
My old friend
Ah yes.
My old friend.
You are here to visit me yet again.
I know I was a fool,
Carefree and happy.
You snuck up on me,
Buried yourself deep within.
And now you are erupting within.
I feel you tear at my insides.
Make me
I fight back to no avail.
I succumb to the poison.
The numbing affect takes hold
I cry yet feel nothing.
The pain is far too great for my
Human soul.
And so,
My old friend.
I allow you to take hold
For one who is a fool
As I am
Always ends this way.
Drowning in misery
With my old friend.
:iconsecretpoet17:SecretPoet17 4 5
A Tribute To You
This is to you.
Walking the hall.
No one knowing what they do.
Slowly you start to fall.
This is what they say.
Mocking and judging.
They say the way you are is not okay.
Slowly you go on, begrudging.
This is what they do.
They say cruel things.
They say there is something wrong with you.
Slowly, they pull on your strings.
This is how they act.
They gossip and shove.
Its as if they have made an evil pact.
Slowly you start to lose your love.
This is what you do.
They break you and inside, you start to cry.
You feel there is nothing left to do.
And slowly, you die.
This is to you.
The ones who people don't understand.
I am sorry for peoples actions and what they do.
Some people just don't get what is outside their wonderland.
:iconsecretpoet17:SecretPoet17 1 3
Violet Eyes
I would never get this chance again.
The auburn sky set the world ablaze amongst the canvas of dust and din. I could have said I loved her but that would be a lie and a half of guilt, sickness, and a hint of lavender.
Her glance was crippling, suffocating... in short, intoxicating, like getting high after a first kiss at sunset on a porch swing, except not even close. There was no motion. No before. No after. Just this. And I'd never been in so much agonizing pain.
There was no sweet relief, no ample word I could say to make things any better, nor any fact that I had a chance to change my fate. She knew this. She's playing God with my heart and I'm the martyr, giving my all to please her divine presence.
I cannot remember how many times I internally shook away the heartache I was about to divulge to her intent ears; how many times I knew I'd never to be able to say that I'm sorry to the one person who never gave up on me and my doubtful convictions.
But it w
:iconwanderingsoul777:wanderingsoul777 6 6
Small droplets of water
Fall effortlessly to the ground.
Seeping into the earth.
Renewing the land with life.
Speckles my face.
Drenches my hair.
Soaks my clothes.
I stand outside.
In the caressing drops.
I feel them, healing the pain.
Cleansing the heart.
As I stare into the sky.
Little gems fall through the air.
Moistening my lips.
As you wrap your arms around me.
And you taste my tongue,
As we spin.
The bringers of life.
Providing a gentle rhythm
On the roof,
Pitter pattering.
As we listen together.
Always wondering how something so little.
Can do so much.
:iconsecretpoet17:SecretPoet17 3 3
I sit under the sky
My hair blowing free
I feel the static
Lightning flashing!
Thunder rolling!
Drip drop
Drip drop
Slowly the raindrops fall.
Soaking my clothes
My skin
Your skin
Harder and harder
They fall.
:iconsecretpoet17:SecretPoet17 1 3
There's No Place Like Home
When I close my eyes and allow myself to drift
I awaken once again in a strange place
Everything is soft and colourful
A place with no pain or worry
The grassy fields welcome anyone a rest
The flowers in the meadow glow with colours I have never seen before
Imagination running wild
No judgement, only comfort
I can breathe once again, and let all the stress leave my tensed muscles
I lie in the grass and think about new worlds, and the people that occupy them
Becoming a little sad, wishing I could join them
I'm a bird in a locked cage, my creativity suffocating
My world crumbles when I am awake
Everyday a piece of myself is chipped away
In the meadow I click my ruby slippers three times and whisper...
There's no place like home...
:icontwistedalice90:TwistedAlice90 2 2
The War Rite-Morrigan's Psalm-
Stranded words between my mind and lips.
Between my fingers and paper,
The secrets given in form.
There's nothing left to hold back.
So speak like you know me,
If you've read my words I know you do.
The secrets I keep are out for sight.
For digestion and destruction.
Because that's what critics do.
And beauty as it's formed,
Shows me the anguish that has to be given.
Like birth it gives us beauty and hope,
But for the price of insanity is it worth it?
Is life worth the stresses?
The play worth the bones broken by the actress?
But who is playing me?
The strings are cut but I still feel the manipulation.
I still hear words spoken in my ear.
What name do I take as a naked writer?
These words aren't mine,
They are given in form.
My hand and fingers guided to the paper.
To speak from the other side, the Morrigan's disaster.
Taken by other gods,
The lines broken.
My fingers cut from their places.
To stop the war goddess speaking.
Do you hear the banshee?
She screams and predicts your fall.
:iconthebratprinceofga:TheBratPrinceofGA 0 0

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Try as you may to stay my hand
to silence my words and cover my brand.
Given to me as a token of grief
burned into my skin as the mark of a thief.
You try to keep me like a bird in a cage,
you beat and tear in your thoughtless rage.
But as the world keeps spinning, turning
I find the thoughts inside me churning.
The mistake you made has come into light
my emotions no longer controlled by the fight.
You will find that I am not to be conquered,
that those days you prize are now closely numbered.
The weakling you've used is now the lord,
the epic began when you gave her the sword.
You wonder who was it that made her this way?
Who trapped her and beat her, who lead her astray?
Now in your final breathes you find your mistake,
you will see in justice your conscience was fake.
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